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marzo 2018


DSI Underground se complace en anunciar que hemos adquirido en un 100% los activos de la empresa MINING WORLD en Argentina.

Muchos de los clientes internacionales de DSI Underground y también una muy creciente e influyente minería local, están desarrollando túneles en Argentina. Para apoyar a estos clientes, DSI Underground ahora fabricará y suministrará nuestra línea completa de productos en Argentina para garantizar productos de calidad y un suministro constante.

Podemos asegurar que tanto, esta dirección, como todos los empleados de DSI Underground en Latinoamérica estamos comprometidos en mantener el alto nivel de servicio, innovación y calidad de productos que han convertido a DSI Underground a ser un proveedor altamente respetado y confiable en la industria mundial.

diciembre 2017

DSI Underground agreed to acquire 100% of share capital of Heintzmann Australia Pty Ltd

On the 8th of December 2017, DSI signed an Agreement to acquire 100% of the share capital of Heintzmann Australia.


Heintzmann Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 2010. Its major shareholder, the Heintzmann Group, is a family-owned group that has been in operation for 165 years and that is strongly connected with the mining industry worldwide, offering a wide range of mining related services.


Heintzmann Australia has built a trusted relationship with local customers by offering quality products and services which will complement DSI’s product portfolio. The acquisition will allow DSI to further build on global experience and local knowledge to further develop new and innovative technical solutions for DSI’s customers.


The Heintzmann deal enables DSI Australia to enter the standing support market through the vast product range including pumpable cribs, steel props, and roadway repair. Derek Hird, Regional CEO, comments: “DSI is very excited to incorporate this business to DSI Australia; this acquisition will further strengthen our service and product range, allowing us to continue to be at the forefront in ground support products and servicing.”

octubre 2017

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) forms strategic partnership with DYWIDAG-Systems International USA (DSI)

In October 2017, IPC and DSI Construction, both based in the USA, confirmed a strategic partnership for the utilization of technology for the nondestructive inspection of bridges and industrial structures.
IPC, a complex bridge inspection & robotic engineering firm, is committed to delivering inspection and testing services in the USA. IPC is a nondestructive testing (NDT) services company that applies proprietary and patent pending NDT inspection technology to assess the structural integrity of critical bridges and infrastructure.

DSI is a global market leader in the development, production and supply of DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning, Stay Cable and Reinforcing Systems for the construction industry. DSI is continuously improving its systems, always keeping up with the growing demand of innovative construction technology. The demand for advanced nondestructive testing methods and first class repair & strengthening solutions offered as a complete service package is continuously increasing.

DSI will utilize the proprietary technology developed by IPC for the nondestructive inspection of post-tensioning cables and stay cable systems. The goal is to be a leading supplier to the construction industry, offering integrated service packages that include both inspection and sustainable repair & strengthening solutions.

“We are excited to formalize our relationship with DSI and support their inspection requirements” said Mike Creech, CEO of IPC.  
Kerry Allen, CEO of DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc. echoed Mike’s enthusiasm: “The combined capability of IPC and DSI Construction provides the industry with a best in class service offer for bridge and building construction and remediation.”

For more information, please contact:             
DYWIDAG-Systems International: Gerhard Kahr, phone: + 49 89 309050 241
Infrastructure Preservation Corporation: Doug Thaler, phone: + 727 372 2900 ext 24

Para más información, por favor contactar:             
DYWIDAG-Systems International
  Gerhard Kahr
  Teléfono: + 49 89 309050 241
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